JR's Hometown Grill & Pub

1368 Division St in the Clayton area is the place where you'll find JR's Hometown Grill & Pub. This bar, steakhouse, and American restaurant really nails it on all counts! The western vibe feels authentic and fun, not overdone or kitschy, and you just feel so comfortable hanging out here with all your Party Bus Flint friends. We've got to give major props to the chefs for the delicious pineapple bourbon chicken, which by far is our favorite thing on the menu! You get a generously sized baked potato alongside that as well as some veggies, and it's just such a filling meal that tastes so good. Pairs perfectly with your choice of alcoholic bev! Call for more info at phone number (517) 920-4765.

Sauce Italian Grill & Pub

149 N Main St is the location where you can find Sauce Italian Grill & Pub, and we really couldn't recommend this one any more highly than we do to our partygoing Party Bus Flint customers in the Clayton area! This is not only an amazing Italian restaurant and bar, it also does triple duty as a fabulous pizzeria and wine bar! So much to offer, all under one roof. The thin crust pizza is absolutely amazing and we highly recommend the chicken parmesan to you. The eggplant parmesan is just as delectable and so perfect for the vegetarian party bus traveler. It's called Sauce for a reason! The sauce is amazing! The phone number for this one is (517) 759-4757.

Mario's Mexican Restaurant

921 E Beecher St serves up Mario's Mexican Restaurant and this is one of the very best places that you could ever choose to dine in the Clayton area when you're with Party Bus Flint. Not only is this a great Mexican restaurant, it's also a memorable bar and a great place to enjoy a drink or two with your good buddies. They start you off with incredible chips and salsa here, and from there you can dive into such classics as the chicken quesadillas, the beef enchiladas, and refried beans that are so good they'll make you cry! Even their tacos are just delish. The Sombrero Special is highly recommended too! You can always reach them at phone number (517) 265-1977.

China Garden

1557 W Maumee St, near and dear to the Clayton area, you will find China Garden, one of the very best Chinese restaurants around. They are well known for their delicious emperor chicken and that's what we'd recommend most highly to you during your Party Bus Flint trip. They've also got delicious egg rolls that make the perfect starter, and their hot and sour soup is to die for! We've simply got to mention how friendly the staff is here and how much they make you feel at home. It's casual and cool, no alcohol unfortunately, but great for groups and even families with kids. Crab rangoon works for an appetizer or dessert! Call them up at phone number (517) 263-4828.

ZZ's Sports Bar & Grill

520 College Ave is where ZZ's Sports Bar & Grill sits, giving our Party Bus Flint customers in the Clayton area an awesome spot to chill and have a brewski or two after the long hard work week is done! This is actually found within the Lenawee bowling complex, making it an ideal spot to stop if you want to get in a little exercise and recreation, and what better excuse to have a drink than playing a game or two of bowling? Always fun for dates or group outings, and a very casual and cool way to celebrate something with good friends! You will really love it here. For further info, they're just a phone call away at phone number (517) 263-5550.

Clayton Zip Code or Zip Codes: 49235

For pricing inquiries or further questions: please give us a call at 810-201-4794.