Otter Lake

Millington Inn

8487 State Rd houses Millington Inn, the name of which suggests a high class dining establishment, but in reality it's a biker bar! Now, most Party Bus Flint customers can appreciate a good dive bar, and this is certainly one of the best ones in the Otter Lake area. This is a family owned business and it's even family friendly in the daytime, offering coloring books and crayons for the kids. They've got great omelets for you to nosh on here and even really tasty Texas toast! The burgers are classic bar burgers and boy are they ever delicious! A top lunch spot near Otter Lake. You can always call them up for more information at phone number (989) 871-4533.

Cardinal Country Pizza

8220 Ellis Rd is the home of Cardinal Country Pizza, a really beloved pizzeria in the vicinity of Otter Lake that's just perfect for your upcoming Party Bus Flint travels. They have two dining areas plus a bar area, really serving their clientele very well here. The dining areas are very family friendly and great for your all-ages party bus groups, and the bar area is much better suited toward your 21+ partygoers. The pizza is absolutely delicious here, and though the service can be a touch slow, the quality of everything makes it well worth it. Besides, you're here to relax and stop watching the clock so much, right? That's what a Party Bus Flint trip is all about! You can get in touch with them at phone number (989) 871-4554.

Dragon Palace

You can find Dragon Palace at 542 State Rd in nearby Vassar, just a stone's throw away from Otter Lake. When you are out here with Party Bus Flint, you'll definitely want to stop in for some delicious Chinese food. This family owned restaurant offers up such quality, with the food always being served piping hot and in such generous portions. The chicken chow mein is one of the best choices here, it's the old fashioned style that is so hard to find elsewhere nowadays. And did we mention how low the prices are here? Without a doubt, this is a very smart option for your budget-conscious Party Bus Flint travels. You can call them up at phone number (989) 823-3577.

MoJoe's Food & Spirit

4300 N State Rd houses MoJoe's Food & Spirit, just a wonderfully heartwarming place that offers so many things under one roof. The atmosphere is authentic pub style and they have really fun karaoke nights where you'll let your hair down and show off those vocal stylings that only reveal themselves after a cold beer or two. The burgers are absolutely delicious here and the pizzas are also just mouth wateringly good! If you're a fan of wings, they have some of the best, and the fish and chips are the ideal pub item that you simply must have. Packed with flavor and cooked just perfectly. You will be able to get in touch with them at phone number (810) 654-9757.

Otie's Bar & Grill

229 S State Rd is where you'll find Otie's Bar & Grill, with the name being a nod to its home city of nearby Otisville, so convenient when you are driving around with Party Bus Flint in Otter's Lake. The menu consists of all your bar food favorites and it's all very good. Definitely a nice large menu so there's something for everybody in your party bus group. The signature burgers come very highly recommended. The beer and liquor selection is very good and they definitely know how to mix up a mean drink for you without ever watering it down or messing it up. Classic drinks done right. What a great little greasy spoon. Give them a call for more info at phone number (810) 631-4515.

Otter Lake Zip Code or Zip Codes: 48464

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