Frequently Asked Questions

As you might imagine, we get asked a lot of questions regarding our services. In light of this, here are a few of the more commonly asked inquiries. We know that you've likely acquired some curiosity about our vehicles and services, and we want to be sure that all of your questions and concerns are taken care of properly. Don't worry if your question isn't covered here, we're always available to receive your call to answer any question you might have. The next time you're wondering about something that has to do with our transportation services, just give us a call or send us an email. We'll answer you in a timely fashion to ensure you have all of the information you'll need!

Is there a minimum time required when we rent from you?

A great majority of our time slots require a six hour minimum rental.

When are you open to receive calls or visitors?

We answer our phones every minute of every day of the year! You can call us at any time to get information on the bus you're looking at. Our office ours vary, so give us a call before you plan a visit to ensure that we're here, and the bus that you want to see is available.

Is smoking permitted on the bus?

No. Every one of our vehicles are positively 100% smoke free. This insures we are able to keep our buses fresh and like new for all of our customers. Our chauffeurs will be glad to stop and give you smoke breaks!

Is drinking alcoholic beverages permitted on your vehicles?

Yes! Any vehicle displaying a valid MDOT registration number will accommodate guests who wish to drink alcohol in the passenger compartment. Consequently, this is one of the prime benefits of renting from us! We even ensure our buses come with bar areas stocked with ice for your drinking convenience.

Where are we able to go in the bus? Do you have any restrictions?

As long as it fits within your allotted time, we are happy to go anywhere you would like to go. You trip comes with unlimited stops and unlimited mileage, so have no worries about running out of space!

How do you charge us? When are we officially "On the Clock"?

We initiate charges the moment we arrive at the scheduled pick up location and it stops at the very last drop off spot. We offer overtime in 15 minute increments for your convenience, if you wish to go over the allotted time!

In what condition can we leave the vehicle in when we're done with our rental?

Ideally, you should leave the vehicle in the same condition it was brought to you in. You can ask our customer service agents about the different damage charges that you can incur so you can be informed about the possibilities.

Do your chauffeurs know their way around?

When you reserve your time with us, we highly recommend that you disclose your itinerary to us. This allows our chauffeurs to plot out your trip ahead of time. However, our chauffeurs come with GPS units to ensure that you will get exactly where you need to be, exactly when you need to be there!

What if something of ours is inadvertently left behind on the bus?

We cannot be held responsible for your belongings. However, if you believe you left something behind, give us a call and we'll be happy to check for it in our Lost and Found box. We recommend giving the bus a final look over before you get off to ensure you have all of your belongings.

Do you serve alcohol?

We do not serve alcohol to our guests, but you're welcome to bring your own aboard the vehicle. Limousine companies are not allowed to provide alcoholic beverages to anyone unless they have a valid Liquor License. However, we are happy to provide ice, cups, and paper towels.