Night on the Town

Bar hopping and pub's one of those activities that simply doesn't get old, no matter how much or how often you do it. Flint is home to some fantastic bars, restaurants, night clubs, and other forms of night time entertainment. We can't get enough of the fantastic atmosphere that these establishments have, and perhaps that's why bar hopping is such a popular activity in this area. There's simply no better way to enjoy company in the area than by checking out all of the fantastic options for nightlife that surround you. There are some great options, so get to looking!

When you're going out for bar hopping, be sure to do your research. Google will help you ascertain which bars and nightclubs are the best to visit with reviews and recommendations. Don't forget cash, as you'll need it for a host of things, whether it's cover or snacks. ATM's can have heavy fees, especially in crowded areas, so be wary of where you go! Be sure to get enough to eat, as you don't want to hit the floor after a single shot. Drinking water is a must, as it will have you feeling good longer, and you won't be hungover in the morning.

It's tempting for ladies to bring their purse along as their bar hop, but you should definitely avoid that! Not only is it annoying to deal with on the dance floor, but it's extremely easy for a mugger to single you out when you have a huge bag. Wear comfortable shoes as well, because you aren't going to want to walk around streets in tight sneakers or huge pumps! Be sure to know your limits and stay within them, as that will go a long way in the enjoyment of your night, without a doubt.

The right transportation can certainly make all the difference in your night! After all, the theme of the night is to get nobody in your group should have car keys. Forget about spending a night in jail followed by thousands of dollars in legal fees when you can avoid that in a cheaper way! A limousine or a party bus is the best way to bar hop in Flint. We have a variety of vehicles for you to consider for your night out, and they all come with amazing features for you to enjoy as you hit the town with all of your friends.

There's truly no better way to enjoy a night out on the town than by having a mobile lounge take you to and from the trendiest hot spots in the area. When you need a way to get there, you can be assured that our services are only a call away, and they're the most professional in the Flint area. We can take you to bars all across the state if you'd like! We hope we've given you all the information that you'll need to plan the perfect Flint bar hopping adventure.

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